Terell Sterling


Empowering Connector

Innovation Strategist

Venture Capitalist

Believer in the right to access entrepreneurship. Silicon Valley node building and broadening the channels of connection between people and ideas for access and innovation to flow. Come-up game strong: @ColdStone > @Apple > @Tesla > @Oracle > @A16Z > @GoaPladin

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“If you’re ready to level up, this is where you go for a return on investment.

I was skeptical at first about the extent of the discovery process. Turns out it yielded some of the most raw and meaningful insights about myself I’ve had in years. It even brought me closer to my family and friends in ways I couldn’t have predicted.

iindividual isn’t a vendor to me, they’re a team of leaders and friends that I’ll be building big things with for years to come.”

Identity Development


Brand Brief

Build a brand focused on broadening the channels of connection between people and ideas for access and innovation to flow.

Platform Brief

  • Build a platform that conveys Sterling’s experience and authority in the startup and technology ecosystem by showing the people and spaces that he has access to.

  • Provide Terell with a channel to add value to heads of corporate innovations, partners of small venture capital firms, and executives of economic development organizations.

  • Support Sterling in communicating that he is a resource that his audience can hire to solve problems leveraging his knowledge and relationships.

  • Standardize for the purpose of scale how he supports people of color looking to enter into tech or currently working at large enterprise tech companies.


Brand & Service Marks


Drafting Board



AND Grandma’s Quilt

Sterling’s palette is an expression of his warm personality, ambitious vision, and grounded nature. His grandmother gave him and his siblings a piece of quilt as a child; it returns in his graphic identity as a reminder of his roots, and the network he weaves through the sewing of new connections.



The identity features the font “Agenda” for its sophisticated but approachable forms and effortless versatility.


Secondary Graphics

It’s frequent that people introduce each other at tech events in the Bay by how they know Terell. A bona fide connector, Sterling required his own unique graphic expression of nodes. Used in his central marks and across his activations, they bind his identity and community together.