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Global Head of Diversity & Belonging at Atlassian. Startup investor & advisor. Mathpath = (Math Nerd + Empath), iteratively balancing equations of power and identity. Recovering social scientist. Empirical queer dog mom to the power of Latina. Your contribution matters.

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“Working with iindividual is like putting fertilizer on your brain. Not only do I feel seen for my purpose more than ever, I feel more creative and optimistic than I have in years. The process and the team behind it bring out a level of depth that isn’t just useful for telling my story– it’s helped me understand the stories I tell myself.

I plan on collaborating with iindividual to grow my platform and expand my impact well into the future.”

Identity Development


Brand Brief

Build a brand with an empathetic perspective toward all people that considers their integrity and autonomy to be mandatory; that cultivates authentic diversity and belonging in the places we work and gather; and design and substantiate the efficacy of this brand’s approach through mathematical and statistical analysis and the scientific method et large. Oh, and add a strong twist of Queer and Latina.

Platform Brief

  • Build a platform that further positions Aubrey as a thought leader in topics related to data-informed diversity & inclusion in tech and venture capital, enabling her to reframe the conversation.

  • Give her a channel to provide people of color and women with vulnerable, authentic motivational content that affirms their experiences and provides them with clear pathways into a career where they feel they belong.

  • Build Blanche’s reputation to generate leads for speaking, writing, and independent consulting.

  • Capacitate Blanche to support D&I professionals/advocates with practical tools to make their jobs easier.


Brand & Service Marks


Drafting Board




Taken from the traditional wool, Mexican blanket, Aubrey’s colors are a homage to her ancestry, and the great celebration of diversity at the core of her purpose.



Sometimes curated isn’t enough: in these instances, we work from scratch. For Aubrey’s brand, we developed her own typography, called Mathpath Bold. Drawn by hand, and turned into an actual font, Aubrey can easily demonstrate the originality of her data-informed, empathetic approach to balance and belonging.



The transdisciplinary nature of Aubrey’s work required us to develop an entire theoretical and visual language: PowerMath. As her platform builds, Aubrey will be releasing content in this language that will include things like: Value Statements, Equity Equations, Diversity Dividends, Inclusion Integers, Boundary Value Problems, Belonging Boxplots, Change Charts etc. Below is an example of an Equity Equation.


What does opportunity look like if it were modeled through an equation?


Secondary Graphics

To support Mathpath bold, we drew abstracted graphs, charts and diagrams to make Aubrey’s love of math as clear as day. We then contain these graphics through frames that are meant to conjure data sets, and modular modeling.