We look at personal branding differently . . .

Our philosophy posits that personhood is a grand act of becoming; that we all possess the capacity to learn, grow, change and heal; and that our unique nature, role, perspective and work is worthy of continual discovery and expression through the frame of beauty in all its varied forms

Our Services

Personal Brand Foundation

The Personal Brand Foundation™ is iindividual’s core service. The experience is designed to provide you with a new strategic foundation for your personal brand, underpinned by self-discovery, self-determination, and self-actualization. All you need to do is show up as your most authentic self, and we’ve curated a process to provide you with the fundamental assets needed to define your brand with clarity in your value, and values.

Personal Studio

Personal Studio™ is iindividual’s creative studio that provides an ongoing, á la carte service engagement that enables you to flexibly manage and grow your platform. We manage all your brand-related subscriptions, licenses and assets to ensure your focus is on what matters most. Then we offer you access to our catalog of top-shelf strategic and creative services, ensuring you’re always ready to look and perform at your highest level. This isn’t just a service, it's a relationship; one where you do what you do best, and we make sure it’s captured in the best of light.

iinfluence Network

The iinfluence Network™ is iindividual’s burgeoning global community of people that are conceptualizing, designing and making the future we seek to live in. Starting in early 2020, we will be connecting this community through a digital and social platform, through virtual and in-person meetups, and micro-conferences and events. These are elbows that are actually worth rubbing– people who aren’t satisfied until real impact has been made, and who understand that “I” is only as good as “all.”


Efforts of all kinds are led best by people in alignment with one another and their values. Our proprietary process, “endeavor," is designed to produce emergent, impact-driven brands. By first bringing a venture’s founders and key players through our personal brand foundation process, we uncover a strategic through-line made of their shared vision and principles. It is with this thread that we weave the narrative and visual identity that expresses the value of the organization and its offerings. This is the creative industry’s version of “betting on people,” and just as the world's most effective investors and philanthropists have concluded, it delivers results.